Quality Management

Quality Management

Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA) principles applied to marine data. In this simple paradigm, Planning and Doing would correspond more closely to the Quality Assurance (QA) processes; the Checking and Acting principles would correspond more closely to the Quality Control (QC) processes. This workshop is concerned solely with Quality Control processes, but to indicate clearly to participants where many existing, widely circulated QA documents are applicable, some are referenced below. The overall purpose is to examine the available QC documents for each one of several specific data types, with a view toward the following possibilities:

  1. Selecting a single methodology for adoption as the IOC standard
  2. Selecting one or more methodologies for further development by a dedicated working group, aimed at establishing an IOC standard
  3. Setting aside the current candidate methodologies, in favor of creating a longer-term, more formal process to generate a union methodology

Quality Assurance of Real-Time Oceanographic Data - Julie Bosch' PPT presentation on QARTOD procedures

Quality Assurance

Process-oriented actions, systems and methods aimed at creating an entire environment aimed at producing quality products and services.

Program Planning

See the Science & Implementation Plans section in OceanTeacher for examples.

Manuals & Guides

See the Manuals & Guides section in OceanTeacher for examples. A few of the documents there are also lincluded in Quality Control (link below) for additional consideration as QC resources, in cases where they provided substantial post-measurement testing procedures.

Quality Control

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