QC of Surface Waves

QC of Surface Waves


  1. Includes local measurements at discrete sites (almost universally buoys & oil platforms); does not include remote sensing data or radar-measured fields.
  2. Includes only height, direction and period.


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Primary Standards for Consideration

  1. Quality Control and Management of Oceanographic Wave-Gage Data CERC-IR-90-1 - Waterways Experiment Station (of the US Army Engineer Corps) document
  2. Handbook of Automated Data Quality Control Checks and Procedures of the National Data Buoy Center Tech Doc 03-02
  3. Manual of Quality Control Procedures for Validation of Oceanographic Data IOC M&G 26
  4. SIMORC Data Quality Control Procedures

Additional Resources

[None at this time]


  1. Quality Assurance of Real-Time Oceanographic Data QARTOD IV June 2006 V 9 - Only a small amount of QA material


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