Ontology Resources

Ontology Resources

Ontology Resources - John Graybeal's PDF presentation (PPT version)

Definitions & Documentation

  1. Ontology Work at MMI: Projects dealing with ontologies and ontology issues - http://marinemetadata.org/ontworkmmi
  2. A collection of top-level resources for ontology creation (e.g., guidance) is at http://marinemetadata.org/vocabularies/refs/ontology/ (it includes some pointers to other classic guides on building ontologies).
  3. Even more guidance is being developed and will likely be available by the time of the meeting at http://marinemetadata.org/guides/vocabs


  1. OWL - Web Ontology Language; W3C main page
  2. Web Ontology Language in Wikipedia

Published Ontologies

  1. Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology (SWEET) - NASA's entry
  2. Planetary Ontologies - NASA's site for sharing ontologies on the earth sciences
  3. Ontologies Repository - At MMI
  4. Ontology References: Links to ontologies from MMI. - http://marinemetadata.org/ont


  1. SWOOP - Easy to use, robust editor/viewer for OWL files
  2. Protege - Ontology editor/viewer that chokes up on OWL ontologies that link to other ontologies; give frequent error messages when ancillary other ontologies are not present, and the function that re-directs to known locations seems not to work
  3. VINE - VINE is used to map terms from vocabularies that are represented in Ontologies, in the Web Ontology language OWL format.
  4. DUMPONT - Copy and paste an OWL ontology URL into this website for a quick look at the basic structure
  5. MMI List of Ontology Editing Tools - Huge list
  6. Ontology Tools References. Links to ontology tools from MMI. - http://marinemetadata.org/onttools


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