This section contains an extensive number of references that were collated by Dr Murray Brown in preparation for the First Session of the IODE/JCOMM Forum on Oceanographic Data Management and Exchange Standards.

The   ResourcePool includes references on Metadata, Date and Time, Lat/Lon/Alt, Country names, Platform instances, Platform types, Science Words, Instruments, Units, Projects, Institutions, Parameters, Taxa, Ontology Resources, General Resources, Quality Assurance, QC - Quality Control, QC - T and S Profiles, QC - Surface T and S, QC - Sea Level, QC - Surface Waves, QC - Currents and Quality Flags.

The resources collected in this section date from December 2007 and the pages in this section have not been, and will not be updated.

As part of the Standards Pilot Project specific standards will be selected for each of the above topics and these will be made available through the Ocean Data Standards web site.  


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