Proposal 2011/01: Proposal to adopt a quality flag scheme standard for oceanographic and marine mete

Proposal 2011/01: Proposal to adopt a quality flag scheme standard for oceanographic and marine meteorological data exchange

Scope: This is a proposal to recommend that a quality flag (QF) scheme standard be adopted to accompany the exchange of oceanographic and marine meteorological data. The proposed QF scheme is a multi-layer system. The primary layer must be simple and strictly limited to data quality with unambiguous definitions of flags. It should offer quick access to quality information to assess the fitness for purpose of the data. The second layer provides information justifying the quality flag applied at the primary level and information on data processing history. his scheme addresses the entire oceanographic community that relies on the use of quality flags.

1-Proposal submission

Version 1.0: January 2011 (submitted 11 February 2011)

Submitted by:

  • Sergey Konovalov (co-chair IODE GE-BICH)
  • Hernan Garcia (co-chair IODE GE-BICH)
  • Reiner Schlitzer
  • Laure Devine
  • Cyndy Chandler
  • Gwen Moncoiffé
  • Toru SuzukiAlex Kozyr

Files: [only registered users can download the proposal]

2-Internal review

  • carried out by Paul Oloo - recommended for expert review (9 March 2011)

3- Expert Review

  • completed 7 October 2011

4- Community Review

  • started 10 October 2011 (by IODE national coordinators for data management and members of the JCOMM DMCG) - deadline 10 December 2011
  • discussion group created: (by invitation only: invited IODE national coordinators for data management; JCOMM DMCG members; other interested experts should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • version 1.1 received a number of comments by closure in December 2011
  • version 1.2 was prepared by 27 March 2012. This version was discussed at thead hoc Session of the SG-ODS (23-25 April 2012)
  • version 1.2 was re-sent to the community for review on 11 May 2012 (deadline for comments set to 1 June 2012)
  • Download the proposal (DOC) (version 1.1 of 10 October 2011)
  • Download the proposal (PDF) (version 1.2 of 27 March 2012)


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