Proposal 2010/01: Proposal to adopt the SeaDataNet Common Data Index metadata profile (CDI) as a Sta

Proposal 2010/01: Proposal to adopt the SeaDataNet Common Data Index metadata profile (CDI) as a Standard for Oceanographic Data Exchange

Scope: SeaDataNet is a leading infrastructure in Europe for marine & ocean data management. With support of Member States and the European Commission it is actively operating and further developing a Pan-European infrastructure for managing, indexing and providing access to ocean and marine data sets and data products, acquired via research cruises and other observational activities, in situ and remote sensing. The basis of SeaDataNet is interconnecting 40 National Oceanographic Data Centres and Marine Data Centers from 35 countries around European seas into a distributed network of data resources with common standards for metadata, vocabularies, data transport formats, quality control methods and flags, and access. Thereby most of the NODC’s operate and/or are developing national networks to other institutes in their countries to ensure national coverage and long-term stewardship of available data sets. ...

Envisaged publication type: The proposal is intended for informing and making all local, national, and international bodies, programs and projects that manage and exchange marine and oceanographic data, aware of the Common Data Index specifications and its implementation in the SeaDataNet infrastructure.

1-Proposal submission

Version 1.0: 6 April 2010

Submitted by:

  • Dick M.A. Schaap, Technical Coordinator SeaDataNet, MARIS, The Netherlands
  • Gilbert Maudire, Coordinator SeaDataNet, FREMER, France

Files: [only registered users can download the proposal]

2-Internal review

  • Was carried out by ETDMP-II Meeting (6-7 April 2010)

3- Expert Review

  • 23 February 2011: proponents of this standards proposal need to look again through the major issues of concern raised by these technical reviewers
  • 12 January 2011 - 15 February 2011

4- Community Review

  • postponed to April 2012 in order to allow the submitters to update the proposal taking into account the use of ISO-19139



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